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Can Fake Security Cameras Improve Home Security?

With home break-in on the rise numerous house owners are afraid that one day they will get back home and see their door unlocked and all their valuables stolen! A typical break-in can cost you around $3,000 and many more dollars for repair services to fix up your home. Amongst the stolen items may be some that are of emotional value to you which can be very difficult to accept. Worse still is the fact that the authorities in the United States only solve about 13 % of all residential break-ins and return just a handful of items to their owners. This means that when your possessions have been stolen it is very unlikely that you will ever see them again.

There are many affordable movement alarms on the marketplace, however a phony security video camera is probably the best, most economical home security device! Yes, a fake camera can be much more effective at preventing robberies than a fully practical alarm, as it is very difficult to distinguish between a real and a phony security cam!

What Makes Fake Electronic Cameras So Effective?

Since fake security video cameras are produced from the cases and parts of genuine security video cameras, they appear like the real thing. A house that has several of these fake cameras can appear like a fortress in the eyes of burglars. It has been reported that homeowners that possess at least one of these dummy security video cameras are about 50% less likely to be broken into than those who had no kind of home security at all. That should help you sleep better at night!

These electronic cameras are meant to be used in outdoor environments, but particular models have been produced for small businesses who wish to keep a couple in their workplace. What all these designs have in common is an expert, top quality case that is resistant to heavy rain, hot temperatures and other severe weather conditions. The mounting brackets are easy to install and you will get yards of fake wire making it look like everything is connected and running efficiently.

The last, but definitely the most intriguing feature of these cameras is their rotating LED light which moves the cam around bases on sensed motion. Along with the movement of the electronic camera, an intense LED light will blink in order to scare off intruders and vandals. You can pick up these cameras at your local hardware store. Alternatively , contact your local for his recommendation.

So, these fake security cameras can provide a cost effective deterrent to potential burglars and intruders to your home. Obviously, if you can afford the real thing, you should probably go that route, but if money is tight and you want to sleep well in your home, a couple of fake security cameras should do the trick!


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