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Compact Window Unit Ac

Air conditioning is a luxury that has more or less become a need in most parts of the world. There are many types of air conditioners that are available these days and we have come a long way from the early days of learning about evaporative cooling.

Among the many AC options that are available today, a compact window unit AC is one that is often sought by consumers. It provides the perfect cooling solution for a single room and can therefore solve the cooling needs of most people, especially ones who just want to cool their bedrooms and living spaces.

Here, we define a compact window unit ac and then discuss a few advantages that it offers, effectively helping you make the right purchase decision according to your home or office cooling needs and preferences.

Window Unit AC

A window unit AC is the one which is installed in the window of a room. It is commonly termed as a room air conditioner. It is available as a single unit and it is directly installed on a standard sized window. It is very easy to use and modern window unit ACs have many cool options such as dehumidifier and excellent air filter.

Benefits of Compact Window AC

There are many benefits which are offered by using a compact window unit AC. We present here some of the more common advantages of such units, especially in comparison to other options of air conditioning.

Cost Effective

Compact window unit ACs are usually cost effective when compared with other types of air conditioners with similar cooling capacities. They can save from $50-$100 when buying a unit with a capacity ranging from 5000-8000 BTUs. These units are cost effective, but may have other disadvantages.

Good Cooling

A compact window unit AC also provides a great cooling option. It can quickly turn a warm room into a cool paradise. There are now many compact units available that can easily be installed into smaller windows that move horizontally.

This versatility of installation options allows people with all kinds of rooms to take advantage of the cheaper window unit ACs and use them for efficient cooling requirements.

Easy to Replace

Although it is always troublesome having to change your air conditioner, it is fairly easy to replace a compact window unit AC. Because all window unit ACs are subject to standard installation kit sizes, they are easily replaceable. You can also replace a current window unit AC with one that has a different cooling capacity if you were not happy with the previous unit.

Energy Efficient

There are many energy efficient models of compact window unit ACs. Units with Energy Star compliance are excellent for use because they are extremely efficient and save electrical energy required for cooling a room.

Compact window unit ACs are more energy efficient that portable air conditioners and they are excellent for places where a complete HVAC system cannot be installed.

Easy Installation

Compact window unit ACs are easily installed on an available window. They usually come with an installation kit that allows a unit to be installed while insulating the window space completely. This stops the loss of energy through open spaces present in a room.

Empty Floor Space

An excellent advantage gained from using these air conditioners is that they do not occupy space on either the floor or even on the wall. They mainly lie outside the window and therefore provide users with maximum living area.

These are just a few benefits that might make you lean towards the purchase of a compact window unit AC, especially if you are looking to cool your bedroom or small working area in the best manner.



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