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Disbanding Common Myths Regarding Air Purifier Systems

Today, we will shine light on some of the most common misconceptions concerning air purifier systems and see to it that they are dealt away with proper research and facts.

So let’s go about disbanding these myths that ever so often mislead people in making the wrong decisions when push comes to shove.

You don’t need a device to clean and purify air inside an ecologically clean environment of your home

The World Health Organization states that many cities with population exceeding that of 100,000 have toxic water and air pollution levels. It’s a fact that 91% of 1100 cities all over the earth suffer from this and there have been over 2million recorded deaths every year due to air and water pollution.

However, what’s more concerning is the presence of the micro particles present in unfiltered air. Known as the PM 10, their microscopic diameter make them go undetected by naked eye even in bulk quantities. They have often been the cause of lung cancer and asthma. The only way to remove them from air is through an air filter.

Ionizing filters are harmful to our health!

The process of forming an ion simply involves the process of an electric charge that causes the air to become negatively charged. This air (just 1 cubic centimeter of it) contains about 1000 ions that attracts and filters pollutants and other particles from air.

Numerous experiments on negatively charged air ions has shown that it is very efficient in filtering air. Air ionizers are available for both commercial and residential uses, with some models that can even support enough spaces like those of factories and warehouses.

There is no need to clean and dust

Devices nowadays come equipped with additional filters and technologies like pre-filters, HEPA filter, ionizers, ozone generators, UV and activated-carbon. However, it doesn’t mean that our job as owners is done. There are many allergens that are too heavy to remain airborne for long and do not come in contact with your air purifier systems. In fact, even with a device cleaning your indoor air there is always a need to dust and clean your furniture and other amenities inside your room. It is the task of a good vacuum cleaner to get into tough spots and clean your room from dust settling in corners, under your furniture, and stairs.

The speed of an air purifying system is irrelevant to its performance

It is important to know that the speed is directly proportional to the amount of coverage of the device in terms of square footage.

It’s fine if you have a small room and at night you might turn the system on a low speed, but it’s crucial that you let the system run at high speed during the day so that it covers a larger portion of your room. This will ensure that while you can sleep at night with less noise coming from the device and disturbing your well-deserved sleep.  




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