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How To Do Your Own Decking In 5 Easy Steps

Achieving that charming and cozy suburban flavor for your home is very easy nowadays. Most homeowners opt to have some timber decking installations to let their houses have a more earthy and natural feel. By adding some front porch or back porch decking, you can totally modify the look of your house without doing any major reconstruction or renovation. A perfect decking would look as if some professional construction service is needed to pull it off, but that's not the case! Decking can be a fun and enjoyable DIY home modification that everyone in the family can engage in. If you are looking to do some DIY, then you've come to the right place. Here are some tips on how to do that perfectly-lined decking by yourself.

1. Decide on your space

The space where you want your decking, is the backbone of your DIY operation. It would dictate what materials you will need, what design fits, how much materials to use and so on. The area is a huge consideration since decking is all about space. Are you installing your deck for your garden? You might want some materials that can resist moisture buildup, moss and fungus growth such as hardwood timbers hybrid with plastic. Is it for your balcony? You would want sturdy ones like merbau to be used so it will not collapse underneath.

2. Measurement and design is the name of the game

Once you decide on the space to install your decking, measurement and design is the next important step. This is pretty self-explanatory as it determines also the amount of materials to buy. Everyone wants to be practical and economical of course. Excessive buying of materials can be avoided if your measurements are exact.

3. Choose a good material supplier

Once you have everything planned down, obtaining the right materials and tools is the next important step.

4. Lay it all together

Next is actually building the structure. If you are new to this, then consider this time-tested layering. a. Setup the foundation which is the posts or stumps. Plant this with sturdy support like cement or concrete. You can consider some elevation against soil moisture or pests b. Layer the supporting bearers or beams next c. Lay the joists across the bearers d. Assemble the decking boards and attach to the joists accordingly

It sounds so easy, right? And that's because it is indeed easy. Laying out the decking boards can be the most fun part since you can let your creativity shine with the patterns you can make.

5. Finishing touches for long-lasting decks

Once you have finished your decking project, then don't forget to put on some decking oil as finishing touch. This is not just for aesthetic purposes to lend a healthy and glossy quality to your deck, it can act as protector, too. Some decking oils have anti-fungus in it to protect against fungus growth, mild pest repellant properties, or even water resistant to prevent moisture from seeping through the wood.

And there you have it, with these easy steps, you are all set to build your decking project!


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