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How To Install Your Timber Decking.

The site where the timber deck is to build is known as the over-site. This is the place where you will construct the decking joist sub-frame and where you will lay the decking boards. The first thing you have to make sure is that the place is suitable especially if you are planning to construct a ground deck.

A good timber decking kit will provide you all the deck boards, wood, joists and fixing to help you create a durable and elegant decking area which will save a lot of time since you do not need to do a lot of planning, and the procedure is straightforward.

The first thing you need to check out is draining. The area should be as free draining as possible. However, if it is not possible, you should make sure you slope your deck at 1:40 or above. This will make the area free draining, especially after rainfall.

Dig up the top soil which is the top 10 cm of the soil if you want to construct a ground deck. Fill the hole with well-compacted gravel. If you dont have gravel, you can use broken up brickwork to provide a solid free draining site.

Construct a joist sub-frame. Timber decking kits will include the necessary timbers required for the construction of the decking surface and the joist frame undercarriage. The sub -frame is a solid base where the deck boards are affixed.

For those people who are doing the job on their own, it is recommended that you lay the joist timbers in a row parallel to each other and at centers measuring 60 mm. The timbers will be the regular joists.

After this, make the remaining two joist timbers lie at 90 degrees to the regular joists. The two timbers will be the cross joists or the connecting joists. Next, cut down the length of the regular joists by the narrow width dimension of the cross joints. The regular joists should be cut down by 2 inches.

The next step involves fixing the cross joists to the two outer joists to create a rigid frame which can either be rectangular or square depending on your original specification. Install the remaining regular joists at an interval of 60 cm. This will create a rigid frame where the deck boards can be fixed.

Fit the deck boards at a 90-degree angle to the regular joist timbers and at intervals of 5 mm use the pilot holes and the 65mm plus decking screws to help in fixing the deck board and that is it. Sit back and enjoy the decking experience.


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