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How To Maximize Your Air Conditioners Efficiency

There is a significant thing you must bear in mind as you enjoy the cool breeze from the window AC units on another hot and humid summer day. But then, cold air does not translate to a clean and healthy air. For you to be able to enjoy your home as a haven from the extreme heat and but also provide you with clean, breathable air, your AC air filter must have regular replacements. Frequent changing and cleaning of your units air filters is not your only responsibility to your equipment. Compressors must also be given due attention and regularly cleaned. Doing certain maintenance tasks will also extend the life of your unit and maximize its efficiency.


Your best recourse to ensure that your AC is spotless clean is when you take the plug off and remove it from your window. Cleaning your AC will require buckets and buckets of water just so you can take away all the accumulated dust, dirt, and debris from the ACs internal coils and other cooling parts. To be safe, you want to be far away from any electrical source when you do this. Make sure that the tip of your ACs plug does not get wet to prevent any electrical shocks from happening. Some cleaning tasks related to air conditioners can be pretty easy. But then, not everybody thinks the same so you cant have the assurance that the other person gets how things need to be done the right way.


Better head off to your sidewalk if you want to get your hands dirty and clean your AC in preparation for its non-stop use come summer. Your sidewalk is the best spot to do this task so that the water will flow freely down the gutter. Same thing with the soap, it will easily go down the drain too. As soon as your AC is out of the house and lying on the sidewalk in its full glory, you can proceed to get the filter out by opening its front panel. Youll have a clear picture of the extent of the damage or what you still need to do as soon as you see what the filter looks from inside.

An AC with a dirty filter signals that it was not stored properly during the winter, or a sign that a new part is required. Before making the decision of either cleaning your filter or whether a replacement is needed, you must bear in mind that it is better to be safe than sorry. So, buying a new filter is your best recourse. It is useless to clean your ACs internal coils and its other cooling components to make it more efficient if you are just going to put it back with a dirty and obstructed filter.


Your AC unit comes with two sets of coils. Cool air comes from the front coils, which is also responsible for delivering it. Whereas the coils at the back ensures that your AC is in good condition. It is the experts suggestion that you must first clean your units front coils. These coils up in front is probably full of grime depending on the condition of the storage area where the AC stayed during the cold winter months or how dirty was its air filter from the previous summer. You must still wash them off though even if your unit appears clean and is still working.

It might be considered a bit ironic, but your ACs coils can benefit from a good cleaning with the use of your old reliable garden hose. Just like washing machines, an AC is always surrounded by water. But then, always remember that you must ensure they are sealed so that its electric parts will not get wet and thus break down. Once you are spraying down water on the interior of your air conditioner, be wary of its internal fins. If you notice that it starts to bend down from the waters pressure, adjust the water pressure since debris is fairly easy to remove.

Once you are down cleaning the Ac unit with the use of just water, clean it with a small mixture of a mild dishwasher cleanser. Water is enough to remove soluble dirt and buildup of grime, but you need to use something else to take off stubborn grease and oil. Cooking and frying food during the summer season allows particles of cooking oil and grease to get stuck on its coils. To get back your units optimum cooling efficiency, you need to get your hands dirty and scrub it off. Just put a small amount of mild cleanser on your unit and remove it by spraying water on it.

Reminder: your ACs internal parts can tolerate getting wet and still function, but limit the amount of water that gets on the tops of your unit near its control and its fan. It might get drenched and stop working.


Its time to clean the back of your unit and remove all the buildup of dirt and grime after you are done cleaning the front of the AC. Cleaning its rear part is the same as its front coils. The first you need to do is to spray it with a water hose. Next, put some mild cleaner on its back and spray it off once more until all the soap residue disappears. Bear in mind that your garden hose is the suggested tool for cleaning any AC unit. There is a big likelihood of damaging your units internal fins if you use a pressure washer to wash it off. Its way over the top and will cause more harm than good.


After cleaning the back of your AC unit, lightly spray off its front with more water to ensure that there is no more trace of soap in it that may have been brought there from its back coils. Then, tip your AC up so that the excess water inside the unit is drained away and leave it out under the sun for up to two hours. Of course, it is wise and practical to clean your unit at the onset of summer when the intense heat has not yet kicked in. You can expect not to have any cooling device for a while until your unit finally dries off.

After leaving it out in the sun for some time, use a dry rag to wipe your units front part and then spray some compressed air on its vents and its control to make sure that you are reinstalling a unit that is as clean as possible.

Many people opt to do this task by the end of winter. So come next year, all they need to do is to remove it from storage and put it back in their window. These people benefit from the peace and mind brought by the knowledge of reinstalling an AC that will deliver clean and pure air aside from having a highly efficient condenser.

And since cleaning your AC is a pretty simple task, theres no reason you cannot clean it at the onset and by the end of the season.


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