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How To Paint A Room

This article on how to paint a room has been written by the Glasgow painters on their site. Visit them to get expert advice and help on all things related to painting and decorating.

Youve probably outgrown that pink wall with little flowers and butterflies. Or you feel that the dark-coloured walls tend to add gloominess to your already sad life. A fresh coat of bright-coloured paint just might do the trick.

Choose the Theme Deciding on the colours of your room depends entirely on you. Consider your room as an extension of who you are. Traditionally, walls are painted in neutral colours such as white, off white, beige or gray. If you want your room to look more alive, bright colours such as red may work. If you wish your room to be a sanctuary for relaxation, cool colours such as blue will be perfect.

Gather Your Supplies To paint your room, youll need the following: Paint scraper Sand paper Mild soap and water solution Painters tape Canvas tarp or plastic drop sheet Flat paint brush Paint roller frame with roller covers Paint tray Primer Interior paint

Preparing the Room Take out (movable) or cover (immobile) stuff so they wont get dirty or have paint splattered over them. Once clear, dust the room (or at least the part youre painting) then wash with soap and water. Grease can be cleaned with TSP (Trisodium phosphate) or a household detergent. Mold and mildew must be treated with a 50:50 bleach and water solution. Let dry.

Scrape off the old chipping paint then start sanding to make the surface even. Once done, dust, wash and dry again. Noticed cracks, holes, protruding nails or old paint drops? Get get rid of them. Make your wall as flat as possible. Fill the holes with putty. Hammer the nails flat. Other protrusions should have been taken care off during the sanding. Remove hardware such as outlets, switch covers, doorknobs, handles, and smoke detectors. This is better than simply covering them up. But if you insist on masking them, make sure to cover them well to avoid scraping paint off them later.

Apply Painters Tape Painters tape is known as the painters best friend. In the absence of one, use masking tape instead. Place painters tape to the edges of those you dont want to be painted. Make sure you apply the tape as straight as possible.

Paint Walls Priming is a must. It helps cover stains and other stuff you dont want to see. Primers also allow water-based paint to stick on the surface. For repainting purposes, priming is necessary when the old paint is shiny.

After priming, its time to paint! Use a roller for wide surfaces. When you have to deal with tight or little space, use paint brush. Let the first coat dry before applying the second coat.


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