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Interior Design By Professionals

When designing a home or commercial spaces interior, there are so many things to coordinate and consider. To take the guesswork out of properly designing an interior space, a person would be wise to hire the services of an interior design company that, in turn, employs a number of interior designers london .

What is an interior designer? The professional interior designer makes interior spaces beautiful, functional, and safe by finding out the space requirements and choosing decorative elements. Some of the accessories the designer has to consider are materials, lighting, and colors. Interior designers are able to read blueprints and they should have knowledge of inspection regulations and building codes.

Duties of an Interior Designer

It is an interior designers job to be on the lookout and bid for potential projects. When landing a project, the designer determines the clients requirements and goals of a project, whether it be a commercial project or a residential project. The designer should also consider the spaces traffic flow and how the occupants use the space.

The clients requirements and needs must first be translated into preliminary drawings. The designer must first make initial design plans, including electrical and lighting layouts. The interior designer must also be able to specify furnishings and materials like furniture, lighting, flooring, wall finishes, and plumbing fixtures.

When the client has approved the interior designers concept, the latter moves on to prepare the final blueprints with the use of CAD (computer aided design) software. A more technical side of interior designing is creating a project timeline and project cost estimates.

Meanwhile, as the project is in full swing, the designer then places materials orders and supervises the installation of the design elements. It is also the interior designers duty to make site visits to make sure that the work is done accordingly to plan. When done properly, the client would be satisfied with the project. Proper supervision eliminates the need for costly and unnecessary revisions.


Many interior designers specialize in a certain building type. They may want to specialize in home, hotel, commercial, business, or hospital interiors. There are also other designers who work out of home furnishing outlets and they provide design suggestions. The work of an interior designer entails knowledge of design elements as well as a good eye for what looks pleasing. The interior designer must be creative and have an artistic ability. More importantly, the interior designer must be detail-oriented and have interpersonal and problem-solving skills.

All the interior designers attributes, coupled with intensive training, can lead to a successful interior design project and a smile on the clients face.


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