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Pool Heat Pumps Can Make The Water Comfortable Year Round

Even when you get into the pool during the summer, that water is cold! Are you wanting to say goodbye to slowly entering the pool an inch at a time? It might have been fun when you were a kid and urged others to jump in and get over the cold water quickly. However, that cold water is sometimes just too cold. Even if you don't want to heat the water during the summertime, you might want to consider heating the pool during other months to make it comfortable for swimming.

One of the biggest advantages to heat pumps is that you get to extend the swimming season. While the neighbors stop frequenting their pool in September, you can be out there in yours through November! Just the notion of that sounds appealing, right? Of course, you have to consider other measures that need to be taken, and you have to think about whether or not that's really going to work for your environment. Up north in certain areas, people aren't going to be swimming in an outdoor pool during the wintertime. You need to understand the options between pool heat pumps versus gas heaters.

You can have pool enclosures built. When you are wanting to use a heat pump, you are going to realize that there are many different choices. Some of the differences are based on features, but you also have to decide what energy source you're going to pull from. For example, there are gas pool heaters and geothermal pool heaters. Which one of these would you prefer?

You're not just going to want a pool heat pump, but wouldn't you also want a pool heat pump cover? The idea of swimming in your heated pool is definitely enticing. However, you want to get everything set up correctly. It's not just about heating the pool. Pools in general can be a disaster when homeowners don't know what they're doing.

You have to look after your equipment during the winter months. Pumps and heaters have to be drained, pools have to be drained, covers have to go on, and equipment may even have to be stored away.

Once you are into the swimming season you also have to make sure your pools water supply has the right PH chemistry. If it doesnt you can blow out your heater and also damage the health of anyone using your pool.

By the way, if you decide you do like that cool water during the summer, you can actually use these pumps as heating or cooling devices. In other words, you could heat the water when needed, and you can also cool off the water when needed, too.

Pools can run up those energy costs though. What are you going to do about energy efficiency? That is why there are options like the geothermal pool heat pump. Take a look at what's out there and decide if the benefits of heating your pool are worth the effort.


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