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The Basics Of Video Surveillance And Intruder Deterrence

Video surveillance and intruder deterrence were once obscure topics that have become hotter throughout the years given how theyve become cheaper and more accessible to todays general population.

More and more people are taking the security of their abode seriously each day. There was a time when video surveillance and other forms of intruder deterrence were matters that usually concerned the people who could afford them. Back then, not a lot of people could.

Things have changed since then. There are many different forms of intruder deterrence and surveillance technologies out there on the market today. The costs of production have gone down as the industry grows bigger, and interest in home security gets stronger.

Here are some of the core principles about which people ought to know.

Video Surveillance Systems Vary

The first thing that people ought to know is that surveillance systems, especially video surveillance, arent all the same. The system that suits one house may not be suitable for another. The reason is a result of the different variables that come into play.

First of all, theres the homes location. The homes location plays a huge part in setting up a surveillance system. Location can determine the number of video cameras and where these cameras will be placed.

The homes size is another factor. The homes size plays a huge role in how big the surveillance systems wiring system will be. The bigger the house, the more expensive it will be to set up a surveillance system because of the lengthy and complicated wiring system.

The most important thing to consider when taking into account the homes structure is its entry points. Entry points arent just doors. Even windows or garage entrances must also be considered. Any sort of opening that an intruder can use to gain entry into the home means another location that needs to be watched by a camera.

The Different Types of Cameras

There are plenty of different kinds of cameras. Earlier surveillance systems relied on low-resolution black and white cameras. These old cameras produced black and white images with a grainy resolution that made it difficult to see what was caught on camera.

Todays modern cameras are digital, provide full-color video feeds, utilize high-resolution images, and have different settings to adjust to the environment.

Surveillance Systems as a Mode of Deterrence

There are plenty of reasons why people want a surveillance system for their home. The main reason is for security. Surveillance systems are excellent at scaring away would-be robbers.

They look at a home with a surveillance system and figure that its not worth the risk to try and break into it given the amount of security. Video surveillance has gone a long way in improving home security.


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