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Why An Hd Security Camera Is Better Than Analog Cameras?

Is the extra cost of high definition CCTV worth it? What makes an HD security camera better the analog one? Here is a side to side comparison between the two for the purpose of helping you decide which type of home security systems to buy. When you try to record a footage with good quality 420 line analog camera and zoom in on a license plate, for example, what you will get is a blurred image and there really isn't much usable evidence there. This shows the limitations of the analog CCTV.

So, what can you do to solve this?

Well, you can use lots of analog cameras along with lots of analog recording channels to cover all the detail, but it's expensive. It requires lots of installation equipment, cable and maintenance.

You may also decide to get an HD home security camera. An HD home security camera may cost twice as much, but it offers six times the pixels. An HD SDi camera uses the same RG 59 coaxial cable used by normal analog cameras, but it can provide far more information available. Whether that be a car's registration number or a person's face, you can expect the device to catch and record it.

Note that this HD home security camera is still covering the whole scene and is not zoomed in. This is far more cost-effective than having multiple analog cameras, not to mention the saving on installation time and maintenance cost. With the HD home security camera, you can have the best of both worlds, a camera offering both detailed evidence and a full view where old analog cameras requiring multiple units. This vastly simplifies installation time and reduces costs.

The HD SDi approach offers full 1080 p pixel resolution, which is over 2 megapixel compared to analogs with less than half a megapixel. This can be carried over RG59 standard coaxial cable up to 60 meters and after that, you can use repeaters or higher quality cable.

On a night vision test with HD SDi home security camera, you can see a person's face clearly. It can capture things at a distance as well. In contrast, the analog security camera only provides a poor, pixelated image. So side by side, the HD SDi security camera stands a far better chance of recognizing who an individual is.

The problem with analog CCTV is that you need to view the whole scene, and there isn't a resolution available to capture proof. HD over coaxial cable type security cameras have become extremely popular. They cost slightly more than analog CCTV cameras, but the resolution is drastically better. Therefore, the extra cost of installing an HD security camera for your home is worth it.


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