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Using A Real Estate Lock Box

Many realtors on the market use real estate lock boxes to ensure ease of access as well as better security of the houses they are trying to sell. These lock boxes are important because it keeps intruders out but also allows realtors to easily access the homes for showings, which could lead to a quicker sale.

Some homeowners do not like leaving a lock box on their doors, especially if they are not home, however there are ways to put these homeowners at ease. Part of the strategy is to get a lock box that they can trust.

A lock box is a metal container mounted outside of the home, where the homeowner can leave spare house keys for the realtor to use. It is locked using a combination or electronic key. This allows the house to be shown even when the homeowner isnt around. Those lock boxes that come with electronic entry instead of a key are preferred because they provide the highest level of protection.

The most basic type of lock box available is a manual lock box, which includes a number combination in the form or a dial or buttons. The combination for these boxes can be reset as needed for security purposes. To make these boxes safer, it is important to treat the combination as sensitive information and never give it out over the phone to anyone. A criminal may be on the phone posing as someone else to get the combination.

Electronic real estate lock boxes come with a variety of forms of entry, including the use of a keycard, an authorized handheld device, a smartphone or a Bluetooth device. These devices also come with a variety of other features. Some have a do not disturb feature, which protects homeowner privacy by restricting access at certain times. There are also one-use passcodes available, which will stop working after the fist time.

There are many factors to consider when deciding which type of lock box is best for you. Some basic factors include price, security and convenience.

The prices of a lock box may vary by a considerable amount, depending on what kind of features and whether you want a manual or electronic box. To knock off a few bucks, you could invest in a used lock box that can easily be reprogrammed.

The level of security can also vary, although all lock boxes are designed to be durable. Many kinds of boxes offer double or triple protection, however these will be more costly. Those in an area more prone to security threats may want to spend the extra money, however.

Ease of use is just as important as these other factors, as it will help determine how easily your unit can be shown and possibly sold. You want to know how well the box can be operated as well as if it can hold the amount of keys you will need it to hold.

Once you have chosen the type of lock box that is right for you, installation and use is easy, and will really help both the realtor and the homeowner work together to sell the house without causing a security risk.