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Your Journey Towards Your Dream Home: A Checklist

When it comes to life milestones, getting a new home will have to be up there, on top of the list. The whole process will be an exciting experience, especially for a first time home owner. It's everybody's dream to have a brand new luxury house to live in. It would demand not just a bit of your time, though. You will go through each of the following stages and, with the investment that you'll put into the project, you'll need to do so carefully. From searching for a neighborhood to the first time you set foot inside your fully finished home, here are the chief stages of home building:


Designing your house. Either you opt for a pre-designed plan, or you look for an architect to design a house according to your desires and requirements. With this first step, you will start to have an idea on how much dream house will cost you. Decide on factors like the size you need, the number of bedrooms you want, how many floors will suit you. Answering these questions play a big part in whether you'll be happy with your new home in the end. Also, for your home to be complete, talk to an interior designer who will be able to discuss prints, furniture, textiles and finishes.

Purchasing a lot. While you're having your home design all firmed up, you can also look for a lot on which you want your house to be built. You'll also need to go through this step during the first stage so you know how much the land will cost you, and you can prepare financially. Look around for lots. What is the rate per acre in the different neighborhoods? Talk to your architect so that the house design will fit the lot that you have chosen. He or she will be able to fill you in on the zoning laws, building regulations, etc.

Site Preparation

Week 1. When you're on this step, it'll be your chosen Mandurah new home builder who will run the show. The lot will be prepared so the building can commence after. The builders will bring in their heavy equipment as their props for this step. They will be needed for the clearing, digging, and leveling.

Weeks 2 to 5. Here, you'll see the 3 F's in motion – footing, foundation, and framing. You'll listen to your builder discuss pouring the footers – meaning, concrete will be poured as a support mechanism underneath your home's foundation. Next, the floor frames will be set up. Inspectors will come around to check if this step has been done to code. Keep in mind that minor delays might occur due unforeseen circumstances such as the weather.

Weeks 6 to 8. Workers will now begin filling in the frames. Insulation systems will be put up, as well as water, power and security systems. These will eventually be closed up with the walls which your builder will sand and prime and maybe even paint.

Weeks 9-11. On this stage, the structure will begin to look like a house, with the flooring going in, cabinets mounted and moldings installed.

Week 12. This time, the fixtures and furniture will start coming in, as well as the appliances and they will be planted in their rightful place. The yard will also be landscaped during this period.

Final Stage

Weeks 13-14. All the final touches will be looked into, at this point. This will be an exciting stage as you'll see how close you are to the finish line. You're looking forward to getting settled in but don't forget to make sure that all your concerns are addressed by your Mandurah new home builder. This will be so that by the time you've moved in, you won't have to stress yourself out with loose ends and minor details.


Before formally closing and moving in, do a final walk through. Inspect the whole house and make a checklist if there are corrections that you want to the builder to deal with. If you have add-ons in mind, especially if they're safety and security related, take note ant inform your builder.

Once everything is done, you can now close, get your keys and bask in the joy of owning a new house. And don't' forget to change the locks!

5 Ways To Minimise The Pain Of Selling Your Dream Home

One of the most difficult things to do is letting go of something that has been the repository of so many fond memories. How can you do that if the thing you are letting go of has literally sheltered you all your life? Nevertheless, selling your dream home is a must especially if you have already reached that stage where its just you and your spouse living in it or, worse, youre the only one left. Here are some 5 tips to help you minimise the pain of selling your home.

1. Get a trusted estate agent - Keep it as impersonal as possible. The only way to do that is by letting a duly certified and well-recognised, local estate agent to help you list your home and have it sold. This helps remove the emotional component of selling. At the very least, you wont have to explain to potential buyers why you are selling it and give a very detailed explanation as to the history of the home. Let the estate agent do that for you.

2. Never enlist the help of a friend or a relative - Closely related to the first tip is to never hire or enlist the help of your relatives or friends in selling your home. They are not really in the best position to find the most suitable buyer for your house simply because they have an idea of how important this is for you. Additionally, you may not be able to really impose your will on them simply because they are related to you. So, again, keep the selling of your property as impersonal as possible.

3. Try online house flippers - The sooner you can sell your property, the sooner you can move on. While a real estate agent can help you find the best buyer for your property, it may take some time before he eventually produces results. If you want to really expedite the selling of your house, you might want to try house flippers who are in the business of buying homes, having it improved, and reselling it for profit. This will only work though, if you dont really mind getting a substantially lower price for your property.

4. Go on a vacation - As soon as you list your property for sale, take the rest of the family on a vacation. This removes or distances you from the thing that is causing you anxiety. Besides, you will need to be away from your house so that the estate agent can schedule property visitations to potential buyers. This helps expedite the selling process.

5. Dont take it personally - Its just a structure that has no feelings. While its a lot easier to say not to take things personally, its human nature to become emotionally attached to certain things. Give it time, then.

Selling your house is difficult especially if youve grown fond of it. Your best way to minimise the pain of selling it is by getting the services of a real estate agent.

What Is A Keurig Coffee Maker?

When choosing a coffee maker, there are many factors and questions to consider, such as: Do you prefer a single server brewer or the one that makes 12 cups in one go? Do you like your coffee strong, light or medium? How much are you willing to spend? Is convenience important to you?

Choosing the right coffee maker can often be a daunting task. However, to help you narrow down the process—we bring you few of the best Keurig coffee makers, a name synonymous with perfect coffee making process by coffee enthusiasts.

Keurig is a coffee, tea or other beverage brewing system that is used for home and commercial use. Manufactured by an American based company, it offers a range of coffee makers in K-cup and other beverage pods. Versatility is one of the most essential factors why people prefer using the keurig coffee maker . Each machine offers comes in a variety of sizes, brewers and other additional features.

Keurig 117644 2.0 K200 Brewer

This is one of the most pocket friendly coffee makers under the brand name. Don’t let is compact size make you skeptical. It makes extremely delicious coffee. This model comes in seven different colors and nine brew sizes to choose from. Additionally, it is equipped with a 40 ounce water reservoir that is removable.

To add cherry on top, this model offers separate hot chocolate and other drink settings!

Keurig K250 2.0 Brewing System

Many coffee lovers favor this model as it allows for additional features when compared to K200. Such as, the brew strength control that allows you to prepare your coffee mug, just the way you like. Furthermore, it comes with a convenient window to check the water level. This model is easier to rinse or clean as it comes with a drip tray that is removable.

Keurig K300 2.0 Brewing System

If you are looking for a larger water reservoir, then opt for the K300 model as it allows you to store 60 ounces of water. Just like the K250 model, you can choose to control the brew strength to determine type of coffee. It is equipped with a K-cup and K-carafe pods to help you get started. Additionally, you can use this innovative model to make mocha, tea and hot chocolate!

Keurig K450 Brewing System

This model includes additional 10 ounces of water reservoir than the K300. To make it different, it is equipped with a flip top lid for the water reservoir. Furthermore, the touch system is colored unlike the previous models that offered it in black and white only. The strength control setting allows you to choose the type of coffee you prefer, strong, light or medium! So, if you are looking for a tech savvy, programmable and for customized use then K450 is the perfect choice to make.

To choose the best Keurig coffee maker, you can look into factors such as: price, convenience, cleanliness, easy to program, size and the level of heat offered.









What Type Of Decking Should I Use Around My Pool Or Hot Tub?

Hot tubs and spas are becoming increasingly popular in the UK despite our inclement weather. With even the most basic tub coming with a hefty price tag, ensuring the pool or tub is positioned so as to give an element of seclusion and privacy is vitally important if it is to look an integral part of your landscaping, and not something added as an afterthought.

The use of decking to surround the tub is ideal, not only for providing aesthetic appeal, but to add warmth and softness to the area, which would be unobtainable with natural stone, slate or paving. 

Deckings Not Just For Decks:

The majority of people choose to have their hot tub close to the house for obvious reasons. Connection to the mains water and electrical supply is much easier when the tub is just the other side of the wall. A wood backdrop behind the tub can be included, with decking fixed horizontally or vertically to the house wall. 

One or two steps leading to the edge of the tub can be constructed with deck boards, and a lean-to roof with glass panels can be incorporated. A stud modesty wall can be added using deck planks, trellis or glass windows.

An even softer feel can be accomplished, making planters from decking off-cuts and planting climbers, or the more exotic hardier plants. All this can be achieved using your choice of decking, but what decking will provide the most cost-effective, long lasting solution? 

Composite Decking Long Service and Minimum Maintenance:

If its been a few years since you looked at composite decking as an option to natural wood, maybe its time to look again. The improved manufacturing process and variety of finishes available from the likes of Timbertech makes it the ideal solution for use anywhere it has regular contact with water and were talking the UK here. Add to that the family constantly getting in and out of the tub, and it wouldnt be long before damp began to cause major issues with even the most expensive hardwood deck planks.

Composite decking is a mix of recycled natural wood and plastic materials. With a range of finishes that mimic the grain of natural hardwoods, they have none of the maintenance requirements of wood. They dont twist or warp, are treated against fading due to sunlight, and are not subject to the rotting process of cheaper decking woods such as pine. 

Although plastic deck boards are also low maintenance, they can prove slippery around a tub or spa, and even the most expensive are, over time, likely to bow and become brittle. Splitting and cracking will result, with no option other than to replace the offending boards.

Composite deck-boards have maximum moisture resistance when compared to natural wood. Without any of the need for annual treating and sealing, which is paramount when trying to keep natural hardwood decking in good condition, composite boards just need the occasional wipe down to remove accumulated dirt and grime.

All the materials needed to lay your hot tub, spa, or splash pool decking are available in composite materials. Decking joists, boards, balustrade, spindles and railings as well as a host of lighting and other accessories will provide you a hot tub area which is virtually maintenance free, but that retains its just laid look for years to come.