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HSS Consultant | Karachi, Pakistan | 2024

Job title: HSS Consultant | Karachi, Pakistan | 2024

Company: Chemonics

Job description: Overview of Pakistan Building Healthy Families Activity:

Building Healthy Families Activity (BHFA) is a USAID-funded five-year project, with Pathfinder International as the lead implementer in Pakistan, aiming to improve population health outcomes in Pakistan through stronger primary health care systems and encouraging uptake and continuation of voluntary Family Planning (FP)/ Reproductive Maternal Newborn Child Health (RMNCH) services. Using a market development and health systems strengthening approach, BHFA will support the Government of Pakistan (GoP) in Sindh & Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) province and the private sector institutions to achieve three results: * Increase capacity of the government and private health institutions to lead resilient, responsive FP/MNCH systems;

  • Improve utilization of quality FP/RMNCH products and services; and
  • Empower men and youth to communicate about, demand, and use essential services

As a member of the BHFA consortium, Chemonics is one of the partners, implementing the Health System Strengthening (HSS) component. Our technical support to the government and local organizations aims to improve the health system’s preparedness for pandemics and public health emergencies. This involves human resource training to scale up family planning client records in PPHI and DOH, as well as strengthening the regulatory processes of the Healthcare Commission. We facilitate public and private sector providers in self-registering their clinics/hospitals, digitizing inspection checklists, and linking offices of the Healthcare Commission and internal department processes and operations, all with a specific focus on improving access to FP/MNCH services.

Purpose of this TA:

The purpose of this Technical Assistance (TA) initiative is to address the existing challenges stemming from the operational structure of the divisional offices at the Sindh Healthcare Commission (SHCC), which currently operate in isolated silos, resulting in inefficiencies and fragmented data management. This siloed approach presents obstacles to seamless collaboration across vital departments, including the Board of Governors, CEO Secretariat, Licensing, Anti Quackery, Complaints, Clinical Governance, Training, Monitoring & Evaluation, Finance, and HR Administration. The lack of integration within SHCC’s organizational functions creates challenges in communication, coordination, and data sharing. The primary objective of the proposed TA is to overcome these challenges by implementing an integrated Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution. This solution aims to digitize SHCC checklists for issuing licenses to health facilities, connect all main and divisional offices through a unified ERP system, and digitize the work of all existing departments into a cohesive and integrated system. The transformation facilitated by this TA is expected to enhance operational efficiency, reduce redundancies, and foster a cohesive and collaborative work environment across all SHCC departments. By providing improved access to comprehensive and synchronized data, the TA aims to facilitate better decision-making and ensure a streamlined and digitized workflow within SHCC.

In summary, to achieve all the goals as mentioned above, BHFA will provide Short-Term Technical Assistance (STTA) for Health System Strengthening (HSS) to fulfill all the specified tasks during its tenure. This TA aims to collect initial requirements from all offices/departments of SHCC and develop a comprehensive Software Requirements Specification (SRS) document. This document will assist BHFA in identifying the scope of work, and subsequently, in the same year, BHFA plans to engage a firm to design, develop, and implement an ERP system in the main office. The intention is to scale up this system to all divisional offices in the coming years.

Scope of work for the HSS Consultant: * Digitize self-registration and inspection tools.

  • Conduct a thorough analysis of the organization’s requirements specifically related to Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) designing, development and piloting.
  • Collaborate with Finance to create a comprehensive budget for the project.
  • Collaborate closely with internal directorates/departments, including Board of Governors, Chief Executive Officer Secretariat, Licensing & Accreditation, Anti Quackery, Complaints, Clinical Governance & Training, Monitoring & Evaluation, Finance, and Human Resource & Administration.
  • Work closely with directorates/departments in Sindh healthcare commission to gather detailed functional and technical requirements for ERP application.
  • Ensure alignment of the ERP system with the specific needs of each department.
  • Develop a detailed and accurate cost estimation for the ERP development and piloting phases.

Deliverables: * Collect initial requirements from all offices/departments of SHCC.

  • Develop a comprehensive Software Requirements Specification (SRS) document.
  • Document the work processes of all existing departments into a cohesive and integrated system.
  • Document and ensure a streamlined and digitized workflow throughout the organization.
  • Engage a firm to design, develop, and implement an ERP system in the main office in the same year.


The consultant will be reporting to the Assistant Director (I.T) based in Karachi and collaborate closely with the Sr. Data Systems Advisor based in Islamabad.

Level of Effort: The expected duration of the assignment is three (03) months with a total LOE (Level of Effort) of 60 days distributed as a maximum 20 working days per month

Required expertise:

The individual must be able to perform each essential duty and responsibility satisfactorily. The qualifications listed below are representative of the required knowledge, skills, and/or abilities needed to perform the principal duties: * BS degree in Information Technology / Computer Sciences or related discipline required

  • Minimum of five (5) year of experience in relevant field.
  • Experience with the health/development sector will be preferred
  • Proven experience in ERP development, preferably in the healthcare sector.
  • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills.
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Familiarity with healthcare regulations and accreditation standards.
  • Project management expertise with the ability to meet deadlines.
  • Fluency in English and Sindhi required

Note: Scope of work can be changed as per the advise by the donor

Expected salary:

Location: Pakistan

Job date: Fri, 19 Jan 2024 23:03:45 GMT

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